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Over 75 youths across the national territory have been drilled on how to mitigate food poisoning causedby the mishandling of food.

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The two day seminar, recently organized by Local Community Development Association (LCDA), took place in Kribi, Littoral Region. Speaking during the seminar, Mr Njoya Kelvin, LCDA Project Staff schooled the participants on the necessity of food safety education in their respective communities. According to the LCDA Project staff, food security is the adequacy of food to the society, equitable distribution, confirm supply, fair access and sustained sources whereas food safety is producing, handling, storing and preparing food in such a way as to prevent infection and contamination in the food production chain. He thus emphasized that food quality and wholesomeness be maintained to promote good health.At the end of the talk, the participants thanked LCDA and its partners for the knowledge gained.They promised to take back this knowledge to their respective communities, so that food related diseases can be mitigated.LCDA is a Cameroonian base NGO created in 2006 to improve the living condition of the most vulnerable. LCDA renews its commitment to ensuring food security and safety for healthier communities.