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One-month football competition by LCDA

We foster positive change and growth in our community through collaboration, empowerment, and strategic initiatives, creating a stronger, vibrant place we call home.

Local Community Development Association – LCDA in collaboration with some youths in Soppo, Buea organised a one-month football competition in order to build and strengthen the spirit of togetherness amongst the youths and to fight against other social ills especially with the resumption of the 2021/2022 academic year. Over 16 registered male teams took part in this competition with Young Youths FC emerging as the winners with a cash prize of 250.000frs and a trophy. Street 3 FC and Quarter 5 FC, emerged second and third and were awarded 150.000frs and 75000frs respectively. During this competition, Local Community Development Association – LCDA Founder and President, Njoka Walter Laye drilled the youths on the effects of drug consumption and the need to be leaders amongst their peers and in their various communities. According to the LCDA boss, the consumption of drugs or substances like tramadol, marijuana and cocaine can lead to immediate dead, psychological problems, depression, mental problems as well as it can shatter every prospective dream and ambition. He thus called on these youths to be everyone’s keeper and should report to appropriate quarters if they find suspected case of consuming drugs. During the final game of the competition, a gala match was also organised pitting street seven versus Street eight women, with street seven women emerging as winners with a the winners and a trophy and cash prize of 75000frs. It should be noted that this activity is part of the LCDA’s many efforts in using sports to promote local development amongst the youths.