Local Community Development Association (LCDA) sensitization campaign

Local Community Development Association (LCDA), on June 24 2021, carried out a sensitization campaign against drug consumption, awarded prizes of excellence and distributed kits to fight against Covid-19 to some students and teachers of Government High School – Great Soppo, Buea. These activities were in line with the Clean Agenda of the Ministry of Secondary Education.Facilitating the talk on drug consumption, Nyamkwi Melvis Nyanyo, LCDA Field Officer, schooled the entire school body on the different types of drugs, how they are consumed and their effects on education. According to the LCDA staff, ‘the consumption of drug illegal matters such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, nicotine, inhalant, alcohol etc. can lead to mental health disorder, low academic performance, other health issues and even death’. Nyamkwi Melvis Nyanyo cautioned the students to focus on their studies, stop and avoid the consumption of these illegal matters and shun all deviant behaviours as they are the future leaders. Still during the event, LCDA in a bid to promote excellence, awarded prizes to the best performing IDPs students, well behaved students, best all-round students, seven best teaching staff, five best administrators in the school. In addition, LCDA, donated covid – 19 prevention kits to help in the fight against covid – 19. The students and staff who benefitted from this largesse have expressed their sincere gratitude to LCDA for recognising and encouraging hard work and discipline. The Principal of the intuition, Gobina Judith Limunga, saluted LCDA for its timely intervention and she encouraged LCDA to keep extending a helping hand to her school and the community at large. ‘This will add value to the performances of the students as well as that of the staff and administration’ the principal added. Created in 2006, LCDA is a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Buea South West Region of Cameroon. As part of its mission to build resilient communities, protect the environment and save mankind, LCDA renews its commitment to stay at the forefront in war against drug consumption and abuse, deviant behaviour and the fight against covid – 19 in schools.

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