:Buea, UB Junction



  • Agricultural Development programme


The goal of this programme is to improve livelihoods by supporting best agricultural practices for maximum yields, ensuring food safety and security and enhancing income generating activities.Learn More


  • Strategic Areas/focus


  • Livestock production (livestock donation and production)
  • Agriculture and value chain development (seed donation, support best agricultural practices, promotion of agricultural produce)
  • Food and nutrition (food safety and security)



  • Education programme


LCDA believes education is fundamental to the development of every community. Thegoal of this programme is to ensure maximum access to quality education. Learn More


  • Strategic Areas/focus


  • Educate a child (supports tuition/scholarship scheme for disadvantage children)
  • Teaching /Learning enhancement (donation of didactic and learning materials, construction and rehabilitation of school buildings)
  • Education outreach (carryout educational talks in schools on wide variety of issues/themes)



  • Gender and social Welfare Programme


The goal is to empower women, girls and vulnerable/disadvantage persons with skills and knowledge so as to improve their access to livelihoods and economic resources as well as facilitate their reintegration into communities.Learn More


  • Strategic Area/focus


  • Life supporting skills (vocational training)
  • Psychosocial support(counseling to victims of violence or traumatized persons)
  • Economic empowerment (petty trade schemes for livelihoods)



  • Water and Sanitation and Hygiene – WASH programme


The goal is to increase accessibility and sustainable management of water and sanitation with the aim of eliminating water borne diseases in local communities.Learn More


  • Strategic Areas/focus


  • Clean water accessibility (construction and maintenance of boreholes and pumps and installation of water management committees)
  • Improved sanitation (construction of toilets in school and communities to avoid open air defecation)
  • Proper hygiene practices (promote washing hand culture in schools, hospitals and other public places)


  • Environment and sustainability


The goal is to develop every community within the limits of its natural resources.Learn More


  • Strategic Areas/focus


  • green economy (support environment friendly business like biogas production, bio-charcoal)
  • Biodiversity conservation (preservation of plants and animals near extinction)
  • Green school (tree planting in school)
  • Plants valorization (promotion of medicinal/healthy plants like moringa, Neems)

Volunteers programme; we welcome volunteers from all races and works of life who are committed in taking the lead in community development while respecting the core values of LCDA.