:Buea, UB Junction

Our Achievements

Some of our major achievements

  • Eight interior communities in the South West Region are witnessing improved standards of living after benefitting from our Livestock Credit Scheme. As part of its goal to promote alternative income generating activities with the objective of improving livelihood, some selected households of these communities each received a piglet. After one year, these beneficiaries donated a piglet to the next set of beneficiaries and the cycle is ongoing. According to one of the beneficiaries, Itoe Sam Elangwe of Bole II community, after benefitting from the scheme, he now owns a piggery of about 6 pigs. With the generated income from the piggery, his children now have access to more quality education.


  • ‘When I lost my father, brother and family property, I knew life was not worth living. But when I met LCDA team, I gradually believed in life again’ Felicia Ngu, 23 year old of Ediki village, stated. Felicia Ngu is one of the many internally displaced persons and other victims of violence who have benefitted from our psycho-social support projects. Within the framework of such project, victims of violence receive counseling so they can cope with their trauma and reintegrate into the society.
  • Thanks to funding from one of our partners, Fly International Company – FICO, over 1500 high yield plantain and cassava seedlings have been donated to farmers while more than 500 farmers have been trained on modern farming techniques. This is one of projects of the Agricultural Development Programme aimed at increasing food security and livelihood.
  • More than 50 pupils in some communities of the North West Region have been able to complete primary education thanks to our Educate a Child Scheme. These beneficiaries from the Donga Mantum Division were provided with school fees and other learning materials.
  • With the establishment of the vocational training centre, more than 100 persons living with disabilities have been trained on tailoring, woodwork and other craftsmanship. The purpose of this centre is to provide live saving skills so as to promote financial sustainability of its beneficiaries.