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Poor rural health is a serious issue in Cameroon - Scaling Up Malaria Control for Impact in Cameroon 2011-2015 LCDA is among the few national NGOs chosen by the Cameroon government and Plan Cameroon to implement the outreach component of the National Program on Scaling up Malaria Control for Impact in Cameroon-2011-2015. . LCDA is training medical staff committed to returning to work in their local areas. In 2010/11 3 student nurses graduated and 13 started studying at various medical institutes. After training they undertake to return to work in their local communities. Subsistence farmers are mainly women in our poor rural communities. LCDA has many projects to empower women, helping them with literacy and improving their farming and marketing methods. Our Integrated Organic Farming Demonstration Centre continues to expand. This exciting project offers long and short courses on all aspects of farming using sustainable environmentally friendly methodology. The first batch of 31 trainee organic farmers graduated from their 10 month course and returned to their communities. In 2010 we installed on-site manufactured solar panels which, in conjunction with wind energy, increases the provision of our electricity supply. However, more capacity is needed to keep up with our expansion and we continue to test and apply renewables technologies.

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