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Local Community Development Association (LCDA) is a small conservation and development non-governmental organization working with local populations, particularly women and youths in Cameroon. LCDA was founded and legally registered in 2006 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, via Prefectoral Order No: 730/G.37/D.14/1/VOL.11/44/BAPP as an apolitical and non-profit making organization. Representted by Ashu Valery (PhD) and Njoka Walter. LCDA is seeking to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of marginalized and poverty-stricken populations through economic empowerment and diversification, biodiversity conservation and environmental management. LCDA depends on the support from her members, individuals, volunteers and national and international donor organizations. Our target groups include: women, unemployed youths and school drop outs, students, peasant farmers, hunters, forest management committees, schools and councils. Our Objectives We want to make an indelible mark to improve lives, reduce poverty and empower people, without exerting too much pressure on our environment and enabling each and everyone to meet their fullest potential, irrespective of gender, social status or tribe. Our Vision: is to.... break down social barriers alleviate poverty empower rural people grow potential without regard for social status or gender Our Philosophy We want to achieve our vision through: • -participatory, sustainable and integrated schemes • -providing more of a 'push' rather than imposing a solution, helping communities to identify their own solutions to their own needs • -avoiding dependency approaches, so often used in the past, and offering the means through training and other schemes, for communities to achieve their own goals. Our Strategy To respond to appeals from target communities with a participatory approach alongside situational analysis so that we understand the problems and their manifestations. Our target groups are.... Rural communities and urban shanty areas in Cameroon. We focus on rural poor peasant farmers practicing subsistence agriculture with special focus on women, youth and disadvantaged people. Our Own Need for Capacity Building Most of our 35 staff, though very committed, have never had a chance to receive any formal training. We still need to do more in the area of staff development and training in order to train more of our staff so that they can deliver appropriate, effective and efficient support to our needy communities. Staff are indeed very aware of duty and only a little training to improve their capabilities will go a long way towards the achievement of our desired goals and objectives.

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