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Welcome to the LCDA’s website: We are an NGO based in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon LCDA, is an independent Non-governmental Organization, apolitical and none-profit making rural based charitable organization, dedicated to the protection and advancement of Education, agriculture, livestock ,human rights, aquaculture, health counseling services, environmental management , and micro-financing natural services management in rural areas especially amongst women folks and youths. These activities are aimed at alleviating poverty, eradicating hunger , guarantee food security and to sustain livelihood amongst the poorest through participatory approach .It is also aimed at protecting and granting a save world for future generation.It engages in different and sensitive issues related to the advancement of humanity,via a series of projects, and also seeks to foster research in these fields by offering opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students to volunteer, intern and study at the Center and its partner institutions. We help local activists, scholars,researchers in providing research facilities and creating a culture of respect of environment .

Some Achievements

One of our earliest and most important projects was the Organic gardening by growing and selling assorted vegetables, yams, coco-yams, plantain,Banana and pepper and some fruits, is a potential income-generating activity in our area and forms a basis for agricultural diversification among rural communities. Growing organic vegetables improves the income and nutritional needs of rural poor communities, thus relieving people from the strong grip of poverty. Pig and small-scale poultry farming are important alternative food and income sources to illegal hunting and excessive forest product collection by local people. We also have done much to improve on rural school buildings many of which were in an appalling state of repair. In 2006, over 3000 pupils in 12 schools benefitted from 66 rebuilt or new classrooms. In 2010 we continued the project re-furbishing 13 more schools, building class and staff rooms, toilets and where neccessary, getting potable & washing water on site to improve hygiene habits.Using our expertise and indigenous bees LCDA offers training and support in beekeeping making hives and protective clothing from local materials, managing honeybees, collecting honey safely, handling and storing it hygienically. .more

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  • Yam plantations
  • Tomato Gardening
  • Poultries
  • animal raring

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